Bio-Corridor Forum 2 in the framework of La Réunion Anchor Project

It took place in La Reunion, from January 27 th to February 8 th , 2023, the Bio-Corridor Forum 2 in the framework of La Réunion Anchor Project, organized by NEXA. It was a series of events, namely, a Workshop on "Mapping functional ecosystems in the municipality of Saint-Philippe”, a Seminar on “Methods and tools for mapping ecosystem services. What is an ecosystem map? Which methods to use? What are the uses of reunion projects?” and two Technical Workshops “Assessment of Ecosystem Services of La Réunion” dedicated to “ecosystem services”, which are real decision-making tools, and their mapping and evaluation make it possible to better coordinate the development of human activities and the preservation of the territory habitats.

Coordinated by:
Governo Regional dos Açores
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Regional Agency for Development, Investment and Innovation
Reunion University
Asociación Biodiversidad Atlántica y Sostenibilidad
University of Portsmouth
World Wide Fund for Nature
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
SAERI Falklands Limited
University of Trento
Nova Blue Environment